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           Journal Vol. 7C No. 1, 2013
1. Improved Performance of Mean Greedy Algorithm for Chunk Allocation in SC-FDMA Uplink Systems using Joint-User and Chunk-Based Allocation, Arfianto Fahmi, Muhamad Asvial & Dadang Gunawan

2. FTR: Performance-Aware and Energy-Efficient Communication Protocol for Integrating Sensor Networks into the Internet, Sinung Suakanto, Suhono H Supangkat , Suhardi & Roberd Saragih

3. Question Classification Using Extreme Learning Machine on Semantic Features, Hardy, Yu-N Cheah

4. Performance Analysis of a Reconfigurable Shared Memory Multiprocessor System for Embedded Applications , Darcy Cook, Ken Ferens

5. Exploring the Possibility of Semi-Automated Quality Evaluation of Spatial Datasets in Spatial Data Infrastructure, Amin Mobasheri,

1. Vol. 8C No. 2, 2014

2. Vol. 8C No. 1, 2014

3. Vol. 7C No. 3, 2013

4. Vol. 7C No. 2, 2013

5. Vol. 7C No. 1, 2013

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