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Welcomes full research articles in the area of Visual Art and Design from the following subject areas: Design History, Art History, Visual Culture, Design Methodology, Design Process, Design Discourse, Design and Culture, Sociology Design, Design Management, Art Critism, Anthropology of Art, Artifact Design, Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design, Photography, Interior Design, Craft, Architecture, Film, Multimedia, Creative Industry, Design Policy, and other historical, critical, cultural, psychological, educational and conceptual research in visual art and design.

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           Journal Vol. 3D No. 2, 2009
1. Visual Pollution in the Context of Conflicting Design Requirements, Sumartono,

2. Enhancing Local Designers Skill in Rattan Furniture Industries in Cirebon through Comprehensive-Design Approach Regarding Buyers’ Dependencies Prevention, Andar Bagus Sriwarno , Imam Damar Djati

3. Sadum: Traditional and Contemporary, Ratna Panggabean,

4. The Nature of Ismail Zain’s Art: A Different Vision in Malaysian Contemporary Art, Issarezal Bin Ismail , Setiawan Sabana

5. Form and Function of Carrying Tools in Traditional and Contemporary Culture, Hendriana Werdhaningsih,

6. Persuasi Melalui Ilustrasi dalam Iklan Cetak, Didit Widiatmoko Suwardikun,

7. The Revival of the Usage of Natural Fibers and Natural Dyes in Indonesian Textile, Dian Widiawati,

8. Design Issues and Information Contents of the Provincial Government Websites of Indonesia: A Content Analysis on Visual Messages, Achmad Syarief, Agung Eko Budiwaspada, Irfansyah & Ifa Shafira Mustikadara

1. Vol. 6D No. 2, 2014

2. Vol. 6D No. 1, 2014

3. Vol. 5D No. 2, 2013

4. Vol. 5D No. 1, 2013

5. Vol. 4D No. 2, 2013

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