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Analysis of Phase Shifting Autotransformer as Current Harmonic Minimisator on Power Distribution System

Syafrudin, Pekik A. Dahono, Sukisno & T.M Soelaiman


Abstract. The increasing use of nonlinear loads has made the currents in power distribution system highly distorted with high level harmonic currents content (TIID) and created serious harmonics problems. This paper proposed a new method to minimize current harmonics in power distribution system by using phase shifting autotransformer. The loads of system are devided into two parts which are supplied by autotransformer with 30 phase shifting. The effects of the phase shifting which causes harmonic currents are cencelled, and the resulting currents harmonic in power distribution system are minimized. Detailed mechanism of current harmonic minimization is presented. Several configurations of phase shifting autotransformer are discussed and compared. The influence of load operating conditions are discussed. Experimental results are shown to verify this proposed method.

Keywords: electric power distribution system; current distortion; phase shifting transformer; harmonics minimization

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