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Coal Seam Identification from the Aspect of Inorganic Geochemistry

Darmawan Sumardi & Totok Darijanto


Abstract. Elements abundance in the coal scams samples were determined by analyzing 1) the coal ash, namely V, Ni, Cr, Co, Mo, Cu, Zn, Pb, Mn, Sn, Sr, Ba, Cd, As, Ag, Al, Ca, Mg, Fe, Na, and K, and 2) maceral rich coal fractions by sink & float separation,  namely Si, Al, Ca, Mg, Fe, Ni, Cu, Na, and K. The scope is to obtain certain elements as a parameter for coal scam identification which could be applied as a useful stratigraphic correlation tool and an inferrence on mineral occurence associated with maceral groups within the coal seam Ni, Cr, and V are shown to be the best parameter for seam identification by means of principal component analysis; for comparison purposes data from Bihar (India) and Canada were used. These elements are interpretated to be fixed to the organic molecules before peat diagenesis contemporancously with the formation of quartz, kaolinite, and gypsum and tend to associate with huminite/vitrinite. Minerals tend to be formed during diagenesis are siderite, calcite, carbonate of Mn, and illite/smectite with the associated inertinite.

Keywords: trace elements; organic affinity; seam identification parameter

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