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Pcrformance Analysis of Leaky Buckets Integrated in ATM Networks

F. Ahmadi Djajasugita & Sony Sumaryo


Abstract. This paper is an analysis of the performance of leaky buckets, which are integrated within ATM networks combined with adaptive control, marking and prioritizing. Also discussed is the performance of leaky bucket dimensioning. This performance is evaluated through network cell loss probabilities and network throughput. The arrival process is a 2-phase MMBP. Similar research has been done by Wu [10,11] using incoming traffic model batch traffic with a Poisson arrival process and a geometrically distributed batch length. The result of the simulation shows that the network cell loss probability is reduced as the token pool size K becomes smaller and smaller, the decrease of the token generation rate causes an increase in the network throughput; the network cell loss probability is higher in the case of a larger mean burst length; and the performance of the leaky bucket can be increased by incorporating other control mechanisms such as adaptive control, marking and prioritizing. For the leaky bucket dimensioning, the results of the simulation show, among other things, that if the incoming cell rate is conforming (appropriate to traffic contract) and the token pool is reduced, then the probability of network cell loss is also reduced. If (M + K) are the same, the buffered leaky bucket results in a network cell loss probability is smaller than for an unbuffered leaky bucket. The leaky bucket with big buffer M and big token generation N result in the smallest network cell loss probability. If the incoming cell rate is far from conforming, the leaky bucket with big N results in a bigger network throughput.

Keywords: analysis; model; simulation; arrival process; burstiness; leaky bucket; performance; ATM network; multiplexer; adaptive; prioritizing; marking; dimensioning

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