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Structure and Development of Laticifers in Embryos and Seedlings of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam.

Tatang S. Suradinata

Abstract. In Artocarpus heterophyllus, laticifer initials are formed in the embryo at the beginning of the development of the cotyledons. The laticifer initials are located at the outer periphery of the procambium at the cotvledonary node. Vesicles of various sizes are the most conspicuous components in the laticifer initial. At subsequent growth, laticifer initials elongate parallel to the axis of the embryo and then grow intrusively towards the radicula and cotyledons. Nuclear division is not followed by cytokinesis and therefore a multinucleate protoplast is produced. The laticifers branch towards the cortex and the pith. Latex was built in the cytoplasm and stored in the vacuole. The structure of the laticifer are non-articulated and branched. No anastomosis occurs between adjacent laticifer cells. Plasmodesmata are rarely seen in the laticifer walls.

Keywords: laticifer, development, ArtoCarpus heterophyllus, embryo, seedling.

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