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On The Double-Vacua Duality of Multi-Scalar Higgs and NGB-Dual Higgses in Scherk-Schwarz Breaking of 5-dimensional SU(6) Symmetry

Jusak Sali Kosasih1,2, Andreas Hartanto1,2, Laksana Tri Handoko3,4,
& Freddy Permana Zen1,2

1Indonesian Center for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia
2Theoretical Physics Laboratory, THEPI Research Division,
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Jalan Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia
3Department of Physics, University of Indonesia, Depok 16424, West Java, Indonesia
4Theoretical and Computational Physics Group, Research Center for Physics,
Indonesian Institute of Science (LIPI), Puspiptek, Tangerang 15314, Banten, Indonesia,

Abstract. A special condition of Scherk-Schwarz and S^1/Z2 orbifold breaking brings about both a weakly-coupled SU(6) baby Higgs and a strongly-coupled will-be simplest little Higgs scalar in the near-brane of SU(3) x SU(3)x U(1). The latter produces SU(3) VEVs and simplest little-like Higgs after triplet-triplet splitting and, under quadratic-based and non-quadratic-based Coleman-Weinberg potential, the simplest little-like Higgs yields exotic Higgses, scalar-pair and 3-scalar Higgses in the so-called one-by-one and collective breakings. A generalized non-quadratic-based Coleman-Weinberg potential utilizing a NGB-like scalar produces NGB-dual Higgses with a squared mass relevant to the components of a 3-scalar Higgs that further create a duality of 3-scalar Higgs and NGB-dual Higgses. This is due to a double-vacua property such that each vacuum responds equally to the shifts happening at either non-zero or zero-VEV vacuum.

Keywords: little Higgs; Nambu-Goldstone boson; Orbifold; Scherk-Schwarz breaking; Standard Model; Coleman-Weinberg potential.

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