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Hibriditas Medium pada Film Opera Jawa Karya Garin Nugroho Sebagai Sebuah Dekonstruksi

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2Fakultas Seni Rupa dan Desain, Institut Teknologi Bandung,

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Abstract. In the midst of the ideas, concepts, messages, and aesthetics uniformity at national films, it is interesting to make Opera Jawa movie by Garin Nugroho the object of study. That is the reason why the study was conducted. The research was an effort to improve the audience's productive and active role in understanding and interpreting the subtitles by focusing on how to read the message and meaning through subtitles constructed by the diversity of the medium use. The study conducted with the postmodern aesthetic approach through semiotic method with descriptive interpretive technique dismantles the structure of the film code language through the analysis of narrative and dramatic structure-forming elements of the film. It deals with aspects such as non-verbal signs of visual elements and movement in the film shot. These elements are constructed by the medium expression choice of the filmmaker in delivering his message. The filmmaker delivers his criticism or satire through swerved meaning and medium exploration (medium hybridism). Through this film, Garin Nugroho deconstructed the figures, space, message and meaning, as well as the narrative of the epic Ramayana by Walmiki as a reference. It reflects gender issues, feminism, masculinity domination, class warfare, and capitalism.

Keywords: medium hybridity, postmodern films Semiotics, and deconstruction

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