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           Journal Vol. 42A No. 1, 2010
1. The Magnetic Properties of Indonesian Lake Sediment: A Case Study of a Tectonic Lake in South Sulawesi and Maar Lakes in East Java, Gerald Tamuntuan, Satria Bijaksana, Eddy Gaffar, James Russell, La Ode Safiuddin & Estevanus Huliselan

2. Developing Information System on Lunar Crescent Observations, T. Hidayat, P. Mahasena, B. Dermawan, D. Herdiwijaya, H. Setyanto, M. Irfan, B. Suhardiman, A. Santoso

3. Historical Fire Detection of Tropical Forest from NDVI Time-series Data: Case Study on Jambi, Indonesia, Dyah Panuju, Bambang H. Trisasongko, Budi Susetyo, Mahmud A. Raimadoya & Brian G. Lees

4. Partial Internal Control Recovery on 1-D Klein-Gordon Systems, Iwan Pranoto,

5. Nanolithography on the Electron Beam Resist using the Scanning Probe Microscope Cantilever, Lydia Anggraini, Naoki Matsuzuka, Yoshitada Isono

6. Artificial Life of Soybean Plant Growth Modeling Using Intelligence Approaches, Atris suyantohadi Suyantohadi, Mochammad Hariadi, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo

21. Vol. 38A No. 2, 2006

22. Vol. 38A No. 1, 2006

23. Vol. 37A No. 2, 2005

24. Vol. 37A No. 1, 2005

25. Vol. 36A No. 2, 2004

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