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           Journal Vol. 40A No. 1, 2008
1. Photoemission Studies of Si Quantum Dots with Ge Core: Dots formation, Intermixing at Si-clad/Ge-core interface and Quantum Confinement Effect, Yudi Darma,

2. Seismogram Analysis of the Earthquakes in Sumatra on WRAB Observation Station: S Wave Velocity Structure on Subduction Zone of Sumatra-Java, Bagus Jaya Santosa,

3. Synthesis of Fe–Li–Cr Multinuclear Complexes as Molecular Magnet Materials, Djulia Onggo, Iis Siti Jahro, Fahimah Martak & Ismunandar

4. The Chemical Compositions of Thermal Waters at Ciarinem and Cilayu, Pameungpeuk, West Java - Indonesia, N.R. Herdianita, B. Priadi

5. The Synthesis of Imidazoline Derivative Compounds as Corrosion Inhibitor towards Carbon Steel in 1% NaCl Solution, Deana Wahyuningrum, Sadijah Achmad, Yana Maolana Syah, Buchari & Bambang Ariwahjoedi

6. P-, I-, g-, and D-Angles in Normed Spaces, Hendra Gunawan, Janny Lindiarni & Oki Neswan

7. Plutonium and Minor Actinides Recycling in Standard BWR using Equilibrium Burnup Model, Abdul Waris, Rizal Kurniadi & Zaki Su’ud

8. Arsenic and Mercury Concentrations at Several Geothermal Systems in West Java, Indonesia, N.R. Herdianita, B. Priadi

56. Vol. 18A No. 2/3, 1985

57. Vol. 18A No. 1, 1985

58. Vol. 17A No. 3, 1984

59. Vol. 17A No. 2, 1984

60. Vol. 17A No. 1, 1984

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