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           Journal Vol. 46A No. 3, 2014
1. Litsea cubeba Essential Oil Yield Harvested from Different Habitat Types on Mt. Papandayan, West Java, Indonesia, Ichsan Suwandhi, Cecep Kusmana, Ani Suryani & Tatang Tiryana

2. Unexpected Outcomes: Propagating Light Rays in the Atmosphere, a New Technique for Solving Partial Differential Equations, Neville Fowkes,

3. Marmin of Aegle Marmelos Correa Antagonizes AChM3 Receptors: In Silico and In Vitro Studies on Isolated-Guinea Pig Illeum Smooth Muscle, Puguh Noviarsito, Sugeng Riyanto, Agung Endro Nugroho

4. A Dynamical Model for Transmission of West Nile Virus in Chicken-Mosquito Interaction, Jafaruddin Hamid, Juni Wijayanti Puspita, Nuning Nuraini, Edy Soewono

5. Antibacterial Curcuma xanthorrhiza Extract and Fractions, Hartiwi Diastuti, Yana M. Syah, Lia D. Juiawaty, Marlia Singgih

6. Bound State Solution of Dirac Equation for Generalized Poschl-Teller Plus Trigomometric Poschl-Teller Non-Central Potential Using SUSY Quantum Mechanics, Suparmi, Cari

7. Modified Convective Stratiform Technique (CSTm) Performance on Rainfall Estimation in Indonesia, Endarwin, Safwan Hadi, Bayong Tjasyono HK, Dodo Gunawan & Siswanto